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Exclusive Australian OzCoat Wet Surface Sealer and Resurfacing Binder Supplier
Once you experience the benefits of the OzCoat Product line in relation to pricing, ease of application, and time saving turnaround, it will be become clear, that OzCoat is the new standard in industrial strength concrete sealers and treatments.
We also pioneered the development of a harder wearing, better performing Decorative Concrete coating system for the building industry. The major point of difference from conventional decorative concrete is that is 5 layers of Polymer Sealers that interlock with each other creating the strongest bond to concrete. This system is also quicker and more cost effective and better performing than traditional systems.

Stop Killing Yourself with Toxic Solvents

Water Based Sealers own ‘OzCoat Trade Secret’…flexibility for contractors. Water based primer & add mix accelerator for toppings and thin set applications. Water based super binder for polished concrete grouting and add mix for thin set applications.



OzCoat Pro Seal 896

OzCoat's 'Trade Secret' formula uses organic polymers to create a cross linking, hard yet flexi...

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OzCoat Pro Polish 4450

OzCoat's Pro Polish WB44-50 is a 100% pure Acrylic Polymer / Super-Plasticiser that is UV stabl...

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OzCoat Pro Binder 575

OzCoat's Pro Binder/Primer 575 is a specialised 'TradeSecret' formula for creating super strong...

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spray unit

OzCoat Spray Units

OzCoat Professional Spray Units Fastest Application Methods ...

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